Gacha Madness!

Some New Things that I haven’t posted about, also Gachas!

There’s Gacha Garden going on right now, my set is a bunch of snowball fight things!

Anachron-GachaGarden-SnowballFightCatapultSOIREDO Anachron-GachaGarden-SnowballFightREDOThe gloves are scripted to throw snowballs, and the forts are furniture that can be sat on with a bunch of animations. The now shovel catapult is the Seed of Inspiration you get for every 20 pulls of the gacha, and it’s exclusive to this event! The Gacha Garden is Here!

Also, for the naughtier among you, I have a set of… er… spanking implements? at Objets D’Amour, the kinky gacha by the people who run ROMP.

Anachron-Poster-ODA-ToughLoveGachaEach pack also includes the mark left by the implement, in many appliers: TMP, Omega, SLink, Belleza and Maitreya. Objets D’amour can be found here.

ROMP Releases!

My New Year’s Resolution is to remember to blog… (and send out group updates and blogger packs ^.^;; In other words, do more than just build things). And with that in mind, here is my release for ROMP!

At $L95, these masks are 25% off for the event. Each one comes with an open eye mask version and a closed eye blindfold version. They’re also unrigged so you can adjust as you like!

ROMP is on until the 22nd of January, and there’s a ton of other sexy stuff there too. You can find the event here: Love Hunter

So, Nix, when are you gonna sell those houses?

Ok! Ok! I’m going to sell them now!

I was really surprised after I set up the new sim that I had so many requests from people to buy the little mesh houses I made for it. I never actually inteded to sell them, but I’ve had more requests for that than probably anything else ever, so I finally gave in. Here they are, all 16 of them!

The houses come with 3 texture variations each, and they’re $L299, but you can buy the entire pack of 16 for $L3999 (with the texture variations, that’s 48 total variations, for about $L800 cheaper than buying them individually). Here’s a taxi to the demo platform @ Anachron so you can check them out before buying!

Ok, I’m getting organized! Also, here’s Gacha Garden!

*determined face*

Alright, it’s no secret that I’m much more enthused about making stuff than I am about promoting my shop. I’m trying to get things a bit organized around here and make myself a regular posting schedule. I’m also (as much as it terrifies me to do so) opening applications for bloggers for Anachron. Please see the Blogger Application Form page for details. Or to apply, if you want to do that!

I also have some new spiffy things that I made for Gacha Garden, which is an event I always have fun with! I was a bit sick last week, but I pulled an all-nighter the day before the event to get an extra rare made for this one! Tea and sake sets for autumn, and my special event-exclusive Seed of Inspiration is a garden tea pavillion:

The event goes til the end of the month, and while the tea and sake sets will likely make it into my shop at some point, the pavillion is an event exclusive that is available only by playing the gacha 20 times at the event. Here’s your taxi to Gacha Garden!

Oh, one more thing!

I’ve opened up a couple large parcels of land on my sim for rent. The sim is decorated in the style of an old Japanese onsen town. There’s one parcel of 2256m with 516 prims ($L1500/wk) and one of 3456m with 719 prims ($L2300/wk). There are also quite a few shops scattered around the sim. I’ve had a lot of compliments on the build, so if you’re looking for a pretty place to live/have a shop, you might want to come have a look! I don’t mind if someone wants to sell things there that don’t fit the “theme” so long as their building doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Please read the covenant before buying if you decide to rent, and contact me (Nix Marabana) in world with any questions or concerns!

50% Off Sale @ New Location! (And some new event releases!)

I’ve finished moving the shop over to the new location, and it can be found here: in my new region, Kaede. There are also going to be rental opportunities coming in the near future, I’m just doing a bit of final decorating and tweaking on Kaede and our sister/neighbor region and then I’ll start unlocking the rent boxes.

But more important than my vague “coming soons” is the sale which starts now! All clothing, accessories and shoes are 50% off at the new location! Basically everything in the store besides hair and gachas is discounted!

And now for some pretty pictures ^.^ I’ve got new offerings for The Thrift Shop, Genre (Age of Dragons) and Vintage & Cool Fair!

The Lexi Project & Other Stuff Coming Soon…

You’ve probably heard about the Lexi Project already if you follow any SL blogs, but just in case… Lexi Zelin of AngelRED Designs has been diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. An event has been organized where all proceeds from the sales will be going directly to her to help with bills and medical expenses. My contribution are some silk slippers, men’s and women’s sizes for SLink flat shoes, for $L199 each:

Anachon-Poster-Wall-ElementsSlippers-Darkness Anachon-Poster-Wall-ElementsSlippers-LightSo head over to The Lexi Project and help someone out while shopping the offerings from over 300(!) designers who contributed!

Also, I’m working on some big things! Though not all of them have to do with the shop… At the very least you can expect a big sale on my Rezday (Aug 23)!

For now though, I have a little sneak peek of what I’ve been working on for Gacha Garden:


It was fun making these guys, and there’s still one more extra special statue for the event that isn’t finished yet! Gacha Garden doesn’t start til the 1st though, and by then I should have some more news too…

Genre & Create Your Own Tarot

I made stuff! and remembered to post it for once!

First, for Genre this round, the theme is Underworld, so I did a robe and hair with kind of a Persephone theme.

The robe comes in 5 sizes and 7 different colors (colors sold separately), and the hair comes with 5 sizes with rigged hair, 5 with unrigged hair, and 7 hair colors and 7 veil colors controlled by HUD. All my Genre stuff is $L99, there are demos to try out, and lots of other cool things that other people made, so head over to Genre!

Now for Create Your Own Tarot!

The theme was Emperor this time, so I did up some men’s ancient style outfits (kinda Greco/Roman but not really…) and a bronzed laurel crown.

The outfits are on sale for $L99 each with 5 rigged sizes, the crown is a cheapie at $L29. Head over to CYoT and grab these at the discount price!

Indian Summer

Hey! I made some choli tops and skirts, some of which are $L10 each at the Wash Cart Sale. Here’s what they look like! They’ll be out in the store soon, and probably one (that isn’t at the cart sale) will be my $L60 deal this week too…

Kimono Release & Fantasy Faire Second Chance!

>.< One of these days I will establish a regular blogging schedule…

I have some kimono releases in the store, and also, a secont chance at the exclusives from Fantasy Faire (now with fixed mesh!) since I didn’t announce them properly while the faire was on… I was still trying to fix them.


They are rigged mesh, come with both colors shown, two obi bow options, adjustable mon and a HUD to switch between the different options. Once you have bought one full version, you can then buy the HUD only version in other colors to mix and match! (You can, for example, wear the obi from one set with the kimono from another set). There’s a sign near the kimono that explains the HUD thing in a bit more detail, but basically the main procedure is this:

  1. Buy any full version color. It includes the mesh and the hud for that color.
  2. If you want another color after the first one, buy the HUD only version for that color. Any HUD with the same icon as the mesh (that little pink kimono in the bottom right, in this case) will work. I’m using the icons because I plan to release other meshes with the same system.

These two kimono are my Fantasy Faire exclusives, they work exactly the same and the HUD will work with them also (they don’t have icons because I hadn’t invented that idea when I released them, but they will still work!). All proceeds from the purchase of these two kimono will go to the American Cancer Society through Relay For Life.

Those last two will only be out in the shop for the next few weeks, so if you like them, come grab them before they dissapear!

Here’s the SLURL to Anachron Mainstore!